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Logo of Revolutionary Girl Utena
Logo of Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a 1997 Japanese anime television series created by Be-Papas, a production group formed by director Kunihiko Ikuhara. The series follows Utena Tenjou, a teenaged girl drawn into a sword dueling tournament to win the hand of a mysterious girl who possesses the "power to revolutionize the world". Ikuhara was a director on the television anime adaptation of Sailor Moon, and conceived Utena in response to a lack of creative control in directing an adapted work. Utena has been described as a deconstruction and subversion of fairy tales and the magical-girl genre, making use of avant-garde and surrealist elements to comment on themes of gender, sexuality, and coming of age. The series received domestic and international critical acclaim, particularly for its treatment of LGBT themes and subject material, and has influenced subsequent animated works. In 1999, Adolescence of Utena was released as a follow-up film to the series. (Full article...)

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Vampire killing kit

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State Fair

State Fair is a 1933 American comedy-drama film directed by Henry King and starring Janet Gaynor, Will Rogers and Lew Ayres. It was based on the 1932 bestselling novel State Fair by Phil Stong. The picture tells the story of a farm family's multi-day visit to the Iowa State Fair, where the parents seek to win prizes in agricultural and cooking competitions, and their teenage daughter and son each find unexpected romance. The film was made in pre-Code Hollywood and, despite its seemingly tame plot, had some scenes that were censored in a re-release a few years later, after the Production Code took effect. Cut scenes include a view of a disheveled bed and a negligee on the floor, and a sexual relationship between the daughter and a reporter, but the son's seduction by a trapeze artist was kept. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture and was the first of three film versions of the novel released to theaters, the others being movie musicals released in 1945 and in 1962. This poster was produced for the 1933 theatrical release of State Fair.

Poster credit: unknown designer; restored by Adam Cuerden

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